Borderlands Solidarity Economy

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is a solidarity economy?
    A solidarity economy refers to democratic, locally rooted, environmentally sustainable economic activities which promote human equality and dignity. The idea for a solidarity economy originated in Latin America in the mid 1980's where today it is most developed.
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    What are your objectives in building a solidarity economy?
    We seek to raise the visibility of and support for alternative economic practices that are currently being practiced in our communities. In doing so, we make these alternatives a part of our everyday discourse. We are also creating new alternatives that will benefit our communities here in the borderlands.
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    What are economic alternatives to capitalism?
    They are numerous and diverse, including fair trade, timebanking, community gardens, sharing and more. The possibilities are endless given a community's needs and the imagination of its members.
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    I'm interested in learning more about alternatives to capitalism.
    Great! We are planning activities where we can learn about economic alternatives. These activities will likely include some type of book club, along with other educational - but fun - discussions. Stay tuned. Or better yet, join us in planning these activities!
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    Are you advocating for socialism? Or communism?
    Economic alternatives improve the quality of life for individuals, families, communities, and society. These activities are often seen as a self-help approach. Economic alternatives provide insights into an alternative way of life that transcends socialism, communism, and capitalism.
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    How can I participate?
    We'd love to have you help us! We have a decentralized organizational structure in which the activities are driven by various work groups. You can join an existing work group, or create your own. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting (see the schedule link for the date).
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    What are the benefits of participating in an alternative economic activity?
    There are so many! Benefits include improving individuals' sense of well-being and belonging; strengthening the social bonds between community members and particularly between individuals who would not normally associate with each other; and advancing a local economy that is sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant.
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    I'm involved with or know about an alternative economic activity. How can I get it listed on this page?
    A central focus of ours is to catalog the various activities occurring in our community. Please contact Julie at so we can get you listed on this site and included on our other visibility efforts.
If you have more questions please contact us